My Child Knocked A Tooth Out – What Do I Do?


It happens. Trampolines, bicycles, scooters, stairs, baseball bats, tennis racquets, elbows, playgrounds, brothers and sisters all can play their part in damaging or even knocking teeth out. As parents, few things scare us more than a bleeding little face and a tooth in our hands, but we must keep our heads and follow very specific steps when and if our child has an accident to maximize our chances of saving the tooth and the child’s smile. If it is a baby tooth that is damaged, we have less to worry about but we should still address the problem with a dentist because baby teeth are important! If an adult tooth is damaged or knocked out then we should visit this website and decide which description most closely matches the damage to our child’s mouth and then follow the instructions on how to address the problem.

Why should parents know about this website? Well, honestly, emergency room doctors know very little about teeth and how to deal with dental trauma and even dentists can be a bit rusty on the fine points of how to maximize our chances of saving a tooth so it’s a great idea for you to have this website handy.

We all hope that our kids won’t have damage to their teeth but if it does happen we want to be prepared!

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