One Fee – Smiles Made Easy!

I’ve never been more proud to do what I do. Serving the people of Arkansas has been my mission for over a decade and it’s been a great journey that has led us here! I’m a fanatic when it comes to increasing access to affordable, quality dental care and I’m so excited to announce that all of our Arkansas Dentistry & Braces locations now offer Braces or Invisalign for $3995. One fee for every patient. One fee for clear aligners or traditional braces. One fee that makes getting the smile of your dreams affordable for all Arkansans! We are even going a step further. Not only is our $3995 fee unprecedented, our financing is awesome as well: $300 down, $148 a month for 25 months! I wanted to take a minute and explain how and why we are able to offer such incredible pricing and financing. This drastic change is the culmination of years of work and our dream of increasing access to braces because everyone deserves a great smile.

  1. My business partner, Dr. Justin Bethel, and I are firm believers that we need to be a company that offers ever increasing access to dental care for patients in Arkansas. Braces used to be a privilege but now it is really part of growing up – a rite of passage. We are determined to make it affordable for everyone instead of just wealthy people.
  2. We are moving to a full service, multi-specialty practice that does more than just orthodontics. We now have General Dentists and Orthodontists and Hygienists working in almost all our offices. Now that we do braces and Invisalign as part of a larger business instead of just being an orthodontic practice, things change and pricing changes as a benefit.
  3. As we have gotten bigger the price we pay for equipment and for braces and for everything it takes to do orthodontics goes down. We have also learned to be more efficient and braces take less time from start to finish. We are passing on all these savings to our patients and their families.
  4. The $3995 price is very attractive and will market itself and sell itself. We feel confident that once the word gets out, we will be able to spend less and less on advertising. Again, we will be able to pass this savings on to our patients.
  5. We hope to see the price of orthodontics decline statewide as a result of our bold step, but it is unlikely that other traditional orthodontic practices will be willing or able to lower their prices AND have great financing like we do. Our size gives us a big advantage when it comes to purchasing power. Also, it takes a very solid business to be able to afford to lower your prices and offer great financing because of the implications to cash flow and running a business.

Can you see why the entire ARDB team is so excited about our one fee pricing for orthodontics? I thought I would put a few Frequently Asked Questions here as well:

  1. Does this include Invisalign?
    1. ANSWER: yes
  2. What about a 12 month case?
    1. ANSWER: $3995
  3. What about a 30 month case?
    1. ANSWER: $3995
  4. What about a hard case?
    1. ANSWER: $3995
  5. What about an easy case?
    1. ANSWER: $3995
  6. What is the down payment?
    1. ANSWER: $300
  7. What is the monthly payment amount?
    1. ANSWER: $147.80
  8. How many months of payments?
    1. ANSWER: Only 25! Always 25.
  9. Is this just a summer special?
    1. ANSWER: No
  10. Will we still file insurance?
    1. ANSWER: yes
  11. Can I use other discounts with the $3995 price?
    1. ANSWER: No. The old discounts are for the old pricing.

-Ben Burris, DDS, MDS

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