DIY Teeth Whitening – What You Should Know

DIY whitening is crazy. Not because the random techniques from brushing with charcoal to baking soda are bad or ineffective, but because proven, effective, easy, sanitary and comfortable tooth whitening products are so cheap or even free these days! Why do something experimental when you can have proven products for less or even free?

Crest White Strips were my product of choice when I decided to whiten my teeth. They cost less than $30 and are incredibly easy to use and wear while delivering amazing results. I resisted whitening for decades even though I’m a dentist but I was very pleased with the results! It’s been a few years since I’ve used White Strips so as I write this I’m thinking it’s probably time to do it again. Whitening is not a one time thing but will need to be repeated every now and again depending on how much staining food and drink you are partial to.

Another fantastic whitening option that is far superior to experimental DIY whitening is to get free, professional, custom made whitening trays from Arkansas Dentistry & Braces. How is this possible you ask? Simple, just call or contact us for a no obligation visit or exam, mention that you read about DIY whitening and our free whitening offer and we will be happy to make models of your teeth and use those to fabricate custom whitening trays. We will also give you a supply of bleach for free. You can’t beat the quality or the price and all you have to do is know where to go to get yours.

Again, there is nothing wrong with doing DIY tooth whitening but why would you when you can get it done professionally so much easier and for free?

Below are some safe DIY options for those of you who are bound and determined to do it at home!

DIY from Colgate

“Natural” whitening

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